When your passion becomes your job

Eloïse Ferly used to do what most people call a « regular » job. She was making a good living out of it but was not so happy. So, one day, she decided to take a leap of faith, quit everything and started to pursue something that made her feel complete. She is now a somatic therapist and a yoga teacher. We met her to talk about yoga and how it became a part of her daily life.

First, tell us more about you and what do you do besides yoga ?

My name is Eloïse Ferly and I am 29 years old. I am also a somatic therapist specialized in Sensitive Gestalt Massage® which is a holistic therapy that uses massage technics and Gestalt therapy to help people getting more aware of their emotions, the physical pain they can cause if they repress them and to help them getting more counscious of their body. After completing different trainings and graduating from the schools I attended, I started my business as an entrepreneur. And even though it has not been an easy road, I would not change it for the world.

How did your path lead you to yoga ?

I am originally a contemporary dancer. I attended the national and superior dance school of Paris. One of my teachers was also a yoga teacher and would make yoga part of his classes. That’s how I was frst introduced to yoga. After five years of training, I thought I would just get a job in a dance company. But as you probably know, making a living as a dancer is pretty complicated. Thus, I decided to go back to college and got into human ressources. But only few years after working in an offce, I realized that this life was not for me. Something was missing and I needed to go back to something more meaningful. I have always loved human interaction and that’s what was going terribly wrong. I was also missing working with my body, as I used to dance so many hours a week for so many years. Anyway, when I started looking for a new carrer I knew what needed to change. My reasearches quikly led me to the somatic school I attended and graduated from. Meanwhile, I would still practice yoga regulary. Althought at that time I would use it as a way to stay fexible and excercise. Soon yoga became much more than a workout, it became a way of living. Later, I decided to go to India to deepen my practice and get my yoga teacher certifcation.

Would you say that your trip to India had a big impact on you ?

Absolutely ! I went there thinking I would practice a lot, get better and learn how to teach a proper class. But this experience turned out to be so much more than that. We learned about every aspects of yoga: yogic philosophy, pranayamas (yogic breaths), mula (gestures), bandhas (locks) and meditation. The teachers were Indian and attended pretigisous schools in yogic sciences. Their knowledge is out of this world. Also we were a group of 29 students with the same purspose but different backgrounds. We spent so much time together, learned about each other, shared stories about our lives, laughed and cried together, helped one another. It was a beautiful, fullflling human experience as well.

What type of yoga do you teach ?

I teach Vinyasa yoga, which is a dynamic yoga and Hatha yoga which is a slower type of yoga.

Do you have a strict routine ?

I do. I practice at least once a day and twice when I can. First thing in the morning when I wake up and in the evening before going to bed. I do not like the word « strict » though. It sounds like something I would force myself to do when I actually only do it beacause I love it. I think I could not live without it anymore.

Does practicing yoga at high level require a special diet ?

The dicipline of yoga suggests a diet in which meat, all type of fsh and eggs should be avoided. It is supposed to facilitate the development of Sattva which is a quality of love, awareness, connection, and peace with all beings. Yogis belive that food nourrishes the soul and creates prana (life force). According to these believes, any praticionner of any level should follow this diet. Now, I would say that the best diet for you is the diet that suits you, that make you feel good, that bring you enough energy and all the nutriments you need.

Do you have more projects to come ?

My dream is to organize yoga retreats where people would come for 3 to 7 days to just take a break, relax, and get reenergized with yoga. Two of my friends own a beautiful, big house in Spain, ideally located in the middle of the mountains. They originally wanted to turn it into a bed and breakfast but when I talked to them about my idea of yoga retreats, they totally loved it. So we are working on that now.

Do you have a favorite quote that illustrates your life philosophy?
« When we share what we were brought here to give, we are in alignment with our highest, most powerful selves » Jen Sincero.


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