The new trend of original resumes: Social Media

Finding a job nowadays has become a difficult task due to the large demand of job seekers in certain sector, especially in new digital networks.
Some of them are looking to stand out, to give themselves every chance to stand get the job of their dreams. Thanks to their originality, these young creators use social media and original tools to produce resumes and motivational letter as innovative as ever.

It is becoming more and more common nowadays to leave the classic pattern of the letter of motivation and the CV for more creative content. For this, talented job seekers, full of originality, are trying to produce formal professional documents that are out of the ordinary.

By using Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, these people seek to contact companies offering jobs in unconventional ways, pushing the limits of uses of these media. Indeed, by intelligently using the architecture, the layout, or even the functionalities of these large digital ladders, it is possible to realize incredibly original resume.

However, transmitting your resume by this uncommon way is not enough to set you apart. In addition to being original, your application must also appear on the appropriate media. All of them do not have the same utility and the same impact with recruiters. Whatever your sector, you have to choose the support that will highlight your qualities and especially those sought by the employer.

Let’s focus now on some interesting examples.

First of all, this French girl used Instagram to make a colorful, designed and attractive resume, which attracts attention. A recruiter can only take his time to read this kind of summary, and will have a better chance of remembering a framework such as this, rather than a classic block of text.


What is interesting here, is the use of the square shape of the architecture of Instagram, Laura using all the possibility that the applications is offering to her. And she is using it in a well thought-outway. That’s what creates the originality of her work.
Another example, which made the Buzz on the Web would be the story of Elski Felson, an American who was looking for a different way to get noticed by the recruiters at Snapchat. What better way to achieve this than using the eponymous application?

By using humor, Elski give us all the informations that the employer needs to find in a traditional resume. Multi-tasking person, presentation skills, being able to handle an unstructured team…

The young American shows us here how it is possible to create entertaining and informing content at the same time, with professional purpose.


You can find a summary of all his “stories” here

Last but not least, Christian Söderholm actually used Spotify to create one of the first online music album resume. In fact, this art-director actually uploads his own album on the platform, by creating “music” describing himself. By paying 30$ dollar the first year, Christian actually creates the first music resume on Spotify. It’s consisting in 1 minute and 28 seconds of a woman speaking above guitar playing. Quite creative and uncommon for a portfolio!


So, now, what are you waiting to realize your own original resume ?

Johan Puy-vialettes

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