Professional social network, what is it ?

Viadeo, LinkedIN, Zing… Names you’ve surely heard in recent years if you’re interested by social medias. They are today among the largest professional social networks.
But what are they used for? Who are they addressing and are they really useful? We will try to find out.
Nowadays, we can find them everywhere. Professional social networks have become very famous on the internet in recent years. LinkedIN, with 467 million registered and 106 million monthly active members is today the leader of this popular type of social network. Created in 2003 in Moutain view, LinkedIn is now known worldwide.

Professionals social network are now addressing all professionals, looking for work or simply professionals contacts, they are today a must-have for all people seeking to expand their job-circle.
The concept is simple : to create a real network of professional, by being in contact with our professional entourage, which themselves can share their contacts. LinkedIn works on the principle of “connection” (before getting in touch with someone on the website, it must be known before, or one of our contact should already know him) and networking (putting in professional relation).

Thus, we can talk about 3 degrees of connections:

The first degree : or our direct contacts
The second degree :or the contacts of our contacts
The third degree :or the contacts of our second degree contacts.

The main challenge here is to create a serious and quality contact list, because it is this list that will lead other professionals to be interested in our profile, while allowing us to access other contacts that may prove to be pro partners for our future.
But to be able to create an important network, it is necessary first of all to create a intelligent and well-done profile. In fact, it will be the only image that our main interlocutor of us will have, it must be the richest and complete possible, to be able to give the best impression of quality to our potential new contacts. Profile, career paths, detailed CVs, skills, academic work, so much informations needed and which must be carefully informed to allow an effective profile. Every details is really important and should not be overlooked.

Furthermore, the use of a professional social network is now widely recommended because they are now particularly popular with both active and non-active people. They can create a true online professional identity at a lower cost and have access to hundreds of contacts that may prove useful in the search for new professional or employment partners. This is why, everyone can use it, Job seekers, businessman, or even student in look for internship.

For example, according to professionals in the recruitment sector, the cost of using LinkedIn would be five times lower than the traditional methods, which is why it would be highly prized by them, in addition to job seekers.
It should also be known that in 2013, the average age of LinkedIn users is the highest of social networks, with more than 100 million users over 50 (37%).

In addition to helping job seekers, these social networks have as their main qualities making search for professional relationships quicker, for example, it is possible to contact the desired person directly without having to go through a standard or secretary. The exchanges are faster, and the meetings more frequent. This is why, it could be useful to use these social networks to create new links for profesionnal purposes.

To conclude, thanks to the system of contacts and network offered by the latter, it seems interesting today to have a detailed professional profile to maximize its chances of broadening its horizons of the world of work. And you can sign up for free.

Johan Puy-vialettes

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