The superbowl: a gold mine for advertising ?

This is in Houston, at the NRG Stadium (named after the company of the same name) that the 2017 Superbowl was disputed this year. In one hand, one of the main sport event of the year in USA (and in the world), this sportshow is too the opportunity for brands to demonstrate their incredible capacity of producing original commercials and marketing campaign.

APTOPIX Super Bowl Football

First of all, it’s necessary to say that the SuperBowl is followed by almost 110 millions of viewers around the world. It is un unavoidale event for national and international brands who wants to reach the largest target possible. That’s why, every year, we can assist to a real creative battle between companies.

For FOX, which is broadcasting the game this year, it’s a real bargain. Because the American Football is a game with a lot of interruption-time (changes of teams between attack and defense, time-outs, half-time, ends of quarter-time, video arbitration, etc.), the viewers are loaded with advertising spots spread over time sold at a price of gold. The most expensive boxes cost more than $ 5 million per 30 seconds to advertisers (not counting the production of the spot). But the event is so famous and unavoidable that the brands are ready to give the price to promote their products during the game. Thereby, it’s a real challenge for brands to produce the most outstanding commercial for the match, and we can assist to a real exhibition of ingenuity every year by the biggest brand.

But, the classic commercials on TV are not the only way of communication during the event. FOX dresses every aspect of the broadcast with a sponsor. The commentator desk will be decorated with a logo, but it’s not the only one, slowdowns, score, post-match analysis are also branded. Not to mention the stadium itself: NRG.

It is clear that the Superbowl, in addition to being a huge sport event, can be considered as a true communication place. Moreover, with the uprising of social network, the game is not anymore only a house party that you share with your friends, but a national party that you share with all the nation (and the world) through social network.

In fact, a recent study by Influence Central indicates that nearly 50% of Americans who plan to watch the Super Bowl, planned to do so in the company of friends, as usual. However, a new trend emerges from the survey: 78% of fans will use social networks during the meeting, and 38% will do so in order to react to ads during break on the match.

The crazy amount number of the tweets and posts about the advertisings and the match itselfs give to brands the possibility to touch a large audience, who could maybe not watch the game in live, through the use of their favorite social media. Some companies are even creating hashtags on twitter exclusively for the competition and the final match. Like Pepsi (which is the official sponsor of the half-time show 2017 in relation with the singer Lady Gaga) and his #PepsiHalfTime who offers chances to the users of the hashtag to win some exclusively content from the known singer.

We can also talk about a campaign made in 2015 by Gatorade. This company offered an original Snapchat filter about their products. The result was incredible, with 8 million of recorded videos and 165 millions of views. We can conclude that this new kind of communication operation was more viewed than the Superbowl itself last year on Snapchat!


The Gatorade Filter on Snapchat

In total, 27 millions of tweets were posted in direct relation with the superbowl, according to Twitter, for 200 million contents (status/comments and likes included) on Facebook. Although these figures are still lower than those of last year, they are still very important and prove the importance of communication on social network for this kind of events.

Johan Puy-vialettes




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