The Snapchat’s Spectacle

The famous Social Network Snapchat just release a new way of use of the application with the first connected sunglasses!      


The 150 million’s user social network with the yellow logo has launched a new way of communication: using fancy sunglasses to take videos that you can share or save on your profile.
With an efficient and colored design, this sunglasses could be compared to a fashion standard camera, but for your face.

Easy-to-use and easy-to-wear, push one button and you can take pictures, push an other button and the glasses start to recording for 10 seconds, push again and you can add time to your recording (for a maximum of 30 seconds) and sharing good times of the day to your followers. Moreover, this device, isn’t only a classic recorder, but use a new way of filming by using a « circular » format, meant for reproducing how the human eye sees, and the result is impressive.


This kind of photography and videos have a chance to becoming a new way of save memories, a new method to take pictures of what we are living, just by wearing our sunglasses.
But the originality of the company doesn’t end here in term of experiential communication. The United States were the first to discover the new phenomenon of the application Snapchat the 10th of November, but in a very special way.
In fact, Snapchat didn’t follow the classic method to sell its product, but preferred to opt for an entirely original concept, on the model of his new Glasses.

It’s worthless to trying to find the ‘’Spectacles’’ in a classic shop, you can only buy them in what they call « Snapbots ». Each one of them will be in place for about a day, and their location is only now by using a map on the Spectacles website at the same moment ! At the end, they are products hard to obtain at the moment.

Before the release of the glasses, a cloud hanging over this project: the failure of the Google glass, (project launched in 2012) that had experienced a major washout, because the Americans feared about their privacy.
But, at the end, Snapchat succeded where Google failed. By offering a simple product, with a single functionality for an affordable price. The success of the ‘’spectacles’’ was immediate.


Just one question goes unresolved, is it good, in an ethical way, to be able to film or taking pictures of people who doesn’t know they are actually recorded ? Only time will tell.

In a case of a professional communication, the release of the “spectacles” finally take with them the possibility of filming with a different format from the usual vertical format, allowing communicants to experiment new ways to communicate with the application.

Finally, only available in the USA for now, in 3 colors, black, teal and coral, and in only one size, you will have to pay $129.99 to buy one.
snapbotOr… if you don’t want to wait, you can also buy one on eBay for only $900.

Johan Puy-Vialettes


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